Photo Gallery

Lakeview is known for its gently rolling hills, well-manicured lawns and bountiful towering trees.

A stroll along the stepping stones is a comforting walk through history.

The elegant simplicity of the Frisbie family marker provides a tasteful legacy to the family fame.

An anonymous poem evokes heartfelt sentiment.

This simple wood cross holds the same loving sentiment as the most intricately carved granite stone on the cemetery grounds.

Serving as the final resting place for Veteran’s from the Civil and Spanish American Wars to World War II and more recent conflicts.

The austere monuments stand erect in tribute to local heroes.

Lakeview takes great pride in honoring the many Veterans who have served our country.

Elaborately carved and elegantly simple monuments in all shapes and sizes pay tribute to the honor of loved ones, young and old.

One of hundreds of historic headstones dating back to the early 1800’s.

Guardian angels stand watch over the eternal slumber of the deceased.

Lakeview is home to many unique markers, including this burial bed and column.

Headstones, markers and monuments pay final tribute and lasting respect to our loved ones.

Family monuments are a celebration of life for generations to come.

Elaborately carved, elegantly simple, monuments in all shapes and sizes, pay tribute to the honor of loved ones, young and old.

The historic headstone of Gustave Whitehead, Father of Connecticut Aviation.

Granite benches honor our past while providing respite for those who mourn.

Generations of families have found comfort in the serene setting offered at Lakeview.

Our on-site crematory offers peace-of-mind and assurance the cremation process is taking place in a dignified setting.

Inquiries as well as record requests can be made during regularbusiness hours at our office.

Located just outside our main office, our columbarium offers a secure site for cremated remains.

Built in 1995, our Chapel is available for funeral and memorial services.

The stately gates of Lakeview Cemetery embrace visitors from near and far.

A memorial spray reflects the lost love of the departed.

Having served our country, we take pride in protecting the honor of our Veterans.

The mature plantings mirror the seasonal changes of life.

For over 150 years, the professionals at Lakeview Cemetery have provided comfort to families in their time of need.

Reverent in its simplicity, our non-denominational Chapel seats 75 guests.

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